More African Ghana Friday the 13th Posters

We absolutely love to find rare and interesting memoribilia and marketing items from the franchise and a few days ago we wrote about the African Ghana posters that are created for traveling cinemas in the region. At that time, we unveiled a Ghana Jason Goes To Hell poster which is truly an awesome piece of art to witness. Below is a bit of history on the posters.

In the 1980s video cassette technology made it possible for “mobile cinema” operators in Ghana to travel from town to town and village to village creating temporary cinemas. The touring film group would create a theatre by hooking up a TV and VCR onto a portable generator and playing the films for the people to see.

In order to promote these showings, artists were hired to paint large posters of the films (usually on used canvas flour sacks). The artists were given the artistic freedom to paint the posters as they desired - often adding elements that weren’t in the actual films, or without even having seen the movies. When the posters were finished they were rolled up and taken on the road (note the heavy damages). The “mobile cinema” began to decline in the mid-nineties due to greater availability of television and video; as a result the painted film posters were substituted for less interesting/artistic posters produced on photocopied paper.

The artistic freedom that these artists were given allowed for the creation of some very interesting and sometimes bizarre posters that, as screenwriter Walter Hill wrote, were quite often “more interesting than the films.”

Below are even more posters related to Friday the 13th. Check them out below and let us know that you think!

Obviously the artist used Part 3 as inspiration, but the phrase "Final Friday" leads me to believe this if for Jason Goes To Hell


  1. These are so bad ass! I love The New Blood poster the best. Where can i buy these at?

  2. These posters are awesome. It would be cool to own of these African posters to display on a wall. I think that would be a more unique way to show our fandom!

  3. It's interesting though it doesn't understand well...

  4. Does anyone remember the awful traveling carnival hunted houses that would show up in your town? On the outside, they had airbrushed pictures of bats & vamps & spooks & occasionally would portray Freddy or Jason or Leatherface?

    These remind me of that.


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