Behind The Scenes: Part 6 Cemetary Chase

Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part 6 features two exciting car chase scenes which is something none of the previous films in the franchise had produced before. The longer and more exciting car chase scene had Megan and Tommy fleeing from Forest Green police to the tune of Alice Cooper's Hard Rock Summer. The other  chase scene involved Tommy in his truck on the way out of Forest Green.

In the scene, Sheriff Garris and Deputy Cologne are escorting Tommy out of town when he decides to take a quick detour into the local cemetery to show the police that he did indeed dig up Jason and that his body was gone. The police chase Tommy's truck into the cemetery and eventually capture him on foot while encountering Martin the Caretaker.

Below is an image of the cemetery car chase where the vehicles are entering the peaceful property. Crew are set up to the side of the chase observing the action as the Sheriff speeds into the cemetery!