Friday The 13th Sequel Posters Revisited

At the turn of the new year in 2010, hype and excitement for the sequel to the new Friday the13th film was at an all time high. January 2010 had a bit of a lull in news on the franchise, so this writer devised a contest for fans, while writing for another site, to create their vision of what the sequel poster would look like. The contest ran for about a month and there were around 50 posters entered.

The fan that would be the winner of the contest had his poster design used for all sequel related news posts until an official poster or image was released by the studio for the film. We had spectacular entries, and some that would put professionally made theatrical posters to shame. Well, late March 2010 brought the sad news that Warner Bros. pulled the plug on Platinum Dune's proposed sequel and we have been in limbo ever since.

Being a little nostalgic, I pulled some of the submitted posters I received and thought I would share some of the very excellent work. Now, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, these were supposed to be teaser posters only, but some fans got excited about the contest (absolutely no problem with that) and made full posters. Second, these were created in January 2010, before the sad news on the sequel, so some of the dates on the posters reflect days that have already passed.

Click on the posters below to view the larger version and let us know what you think. Take some ideas of how these were put together and store them away as soon, for those creative fans, we will have something occurring on the website that may interest you!