Friday The 13th Camp Tour, Souvenir Update

One of the greatest experiences ever for fans of Friday the 13th took place this past May 13th as the first official tour was given at Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco, which is where the original 1980 Friday the 13th was filmed. We wrote a report about the tour shortly thereafter, based on the experiences of attendees and they truly enjoyed their time at camp!

Many people lobbied for a second tour based on the overwhelming positive response from fans that attended the first tour. It is very likely that a second tour will happen. In the mean time, we just received a newsletter announcement pertaining not only to an update on a second tour, but also the opportunity to purchase souvenirs from the camp as well as an opportunity to sign up for a very special Credit Card.

Second Tour Update
Unfortunately, there was no news of a set date yet, but we do encourage everyone who is on Facebook to check out the camp's official Camp Tour page for future updates.

Own A Souvenir From The Camp
Here is an opportunity for those that either missed the tour or are interested in owning something from the camp. There are two items that can currently be purchased from the Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco website.

Bottled Water From The Historic Lake
This round glass bottle stands 4.5" tall and features a high quality "Angry Mother Bottling Co." vinyl label. Each 4oz bottle is filled with genuine water drawn from the lake where the Friday the 13th legend was born.

This keepsake of the first-ever camp tour of the filming location of Friday the 13th 1980 is available for $15. 100% of the proceeds go to maintain the historic landmarks featured in the movie.

Piece Of The Swimming Dock
Own a piece of the last remaining swimming docks that were featured in the movie! Most of these docks have been replaced, but two sections have survived.

You'll receive a piece of the top decking boards approx 15" long. These docks are very old - each piece will be completely unique. There are a limited number of these available - get yours today before they are gone forever! Each piece sells for $35.

From the camp organizers....

Due to better than expect interest in this item, we’ve decided to invest some time into creating a COA. The boards will now ship with paperwork that certifies that the 15" section of dock board was cut from one of the last two remaining swim dock sections that survived since the filming of Friday the 13th Part 1, at Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco in Hardwick, New Jersey. Each board will also have a serial number written on the back that matches the COA.

Sign Up For A Personalized Camp Credit Card
This Visa Platinum credit card makes it easier than ever to support the camp. Have your choice of card designs and you've got a great way to give back to the camp. Every time you make a purchase with this specialized card, the camp gets a donation.

To learn more about the credit card program, the benefits, and also the card designs, please visit The Sand Pond Society page for more details.