Friday The 13th 2009 Prop Auction $

This writer covered the Profiles in History auction back in April/May 2009, where many items from Friday the 13th 2009 film were auctioned off to lucky bidders. Many of the big ticket items, including the screen-used machete and hockey mask, were sold for many thousands of U.S. dollars.

Looking back, we wondered how much some of the more obscure items sold for at that time, and thought it would be interesting to let our visitors see what the props sell for and know what the worth of these Friday the 13th items are to our rabid fan-base. Below we have listed a few of the items, there relationship in the 2009 film, and how much they sold for. Some prices may seem very expensive at first glance, but in the world of movie prop collecting, the selling prices may be very minimal.

Hero metal wok with wooden handle. 
Used as a shield by Arlen Escarpeta’s character “Lawrence” to defend himself against Jason. 

SOLD FOR: $150

Jason’s Creepy Doll 
Picked up by Jared Padalecki’s character “Clay”. Cloth body with porcelain head, hands, and feet.

SOLD FOR: $800

Deer Antlers 
These antlers were used by Jason to hang the corpse of Julianna Guill’s character “Bree” on the bathroom door. Constructed of resin and realistically weathered.

SOLD FOR: $400