Report: Camp Crystal Lake Tour 5/13/2011

This past Friday the 13th, eighteen lucky individuals visited the place that was made famous by the unluckiest day of the year. The Boys Scout Association of America, which owns Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco (the original camp filming location for Friday The 13th 1980), conducted the very first tour of the campground  for fans to experience the holy ground of the Friday the 13th film franchise.

There was a lot of fear anxiety among fans who attended the tour as rumors swirled about the World Wide Web that there would be limitations on pictures and video taken of the camp. That situation, coupled with the high purchase price of tickets for the tour, seemed to have kept many people away. However, we can tell you that, based on tour attendee accounts, the tour was a complete success with little to no limitations.

In fact, one of the more exciting images to see from the tour is that the camp staff brought out the original Camp Crystal Lake sign created for the film! Yes, there were many pictures taken with that famous sign. Attendees of the tour also received complimentary bottles of lake water from the location to commemorate the trip. The bottle of water has a label on it stating "Angry Mother Bottling Company", which were very cleverly created for the tour.

People who attended the tour also were allowed to take canoes out on the lake and paddle around for a bit of time. We are sure that it gave people a surreal feeling of how Alice Hardy felt out there after beheading Mrs. Voorhees! Other unique opportunities included taking pictures in front of the building that housed the emergency generator in the film. As a part of taking a picture in front of that building, you would think that fans should have to take the opportunity of reenacting the scene where Bill is found hung on the door with arrows sticking out of him, right? Well indeed arrows were available and some cool pics were taken!

If you're going to attend the camp, you must visit one of the most famous scenes of the Friday the 13th 1980, and that is the archery range! The camp employees set up a target that looked just like the one in the film, but a bit more new looking than what you see in the film. A special treat for the fans was the fact that the cook for the camp was at the tour and he was also the cook for the camp during production of Friday the 13th! He had many stories to tell, indeed!

Overall, the people that attended the tour have sung high praises about the experience and mentioned they gave feedback to the organizers of the tour to hopefully make the event less intimidating in the future and attract more people for the next go around. Special thanks to Jason Bgame and Robert Frank Koscinski for permission to use their images from the tour!

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