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Whether you're rich or poor, you're not leaving the forest.

If there's one thing about genre veteran Tom Savini, it's that people die when he is around. Whether it's zombies, vampires or Jason Voorhees, there will be blood and carnage. That's why his newest venture into the woods looks to be equally brutal.

This writer reported on his new movie Robin Hood: Ghosts of Sherwood in 3D last year on another website with first photos of Tom Savini on set. Now, Shock Till You Drop posted some new photos of the king of splatter portraying the Sheriff of Nottingham. The twist in this retelling of the classic story is that there are now elements of fantasy and horror entered into the mix and as the title of this story says, Whether you're rich or poor, you're not leaving the forest.

Oh yea, that other Friday the 13th veteran, you know, the guy with the heavy breathing problem, Kane Hodder is involved in the film as well!

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