Winners Announced, Thoughts On Friday the 13th Chat

We hope everyone had a spectacular Friday the 13th yesterday. The festivities started early for us with stories created for the day as well as preparing for the Community Screening. More on the screening later. We need to get down to business so we are going to announce the winner of the Return To Camp Crystal Lake Contest!

The winner was announced in our live chat last night at the conclusion of Friday the 13th Part 2. We received over one hundred entries and very positive feedback to match that number of entries. In the end there could only be one winner and the winner of the two tickets to the VIP party for the Friday the 13th reunion on Friday night is ..................UPDATE: The original winner, Jim Dvorak, cannot make the event, so a new winner was chosen. Congratulations to Tim Shultz, the new winner of the contest!

Tim has been contacted via email and if for some reason he cannot make the VIP party, we will redraw from the entries with the correct answers. We are sure everyone wants to know what the correct answers are, so we have listed them below.

Last night we held our very first chat on this website for our movie marathon and it was a blast. We had a good turnout and it was fun to interact with fans about the movies. Heck, we all learned a few things too about the films that we may not have known before. Yes, we are an educational website after all!

We also announced the winners of the trivia contests that were created for the film marathon. The winners are as follows.

Brian Andrews Part 2 trivia
Ryan Hollohan Part 3 Trivia
Tim Jacob The Final Chapter Trivia

These winners will also be receiving an email for contact information.

Big thank you to everyone who visited the website yesterday. We had record page hits that far exceeded our expectations. It didn't hurt that it was Friday the 13th either.