Up-close Look At New Friday The 13th Box Set

REVIEW: The Ultimate Friday The 13th Box Set

The new box set for Paramount's eight Friday The 13th films is due to hit shelves on October 4th with many fans skeptical to buying the set, since many people already have the Deluxe DVD's in their movie library. Perhaps a closer look will change the thoughts of those on the ropes who like to collect all things Friday The 13th.

Shock Till You Drop's Twitter feed just posted some great images showing the packaging of the new box set, complete with mini replica hockey mask as well as that included booklet. Well, the booklet is more reminiscent of the Alien Quadriliogy Blu-Ray set in which the hardcover booklet served as the holders for the discs. Below you will notice that each page opened reveals the body count, weapons used in the film, and some Friday The 13th trivia. Paramount looks to have even placed the correct images to the correct movie!

This is looking to be a neat little pick up for fans who collect film releases from the franchise. Make sure to pick up your copy in a couple of weeks!