Netflix F13th Franchise Streaming Update

In March of this year, Netflix pulled Friday the 13th 1980 through Friday the 13th Part 8 off of their instant streaming platform. The Paramount films had been added twice before to this popular viewing service and then subsequently pulled. A few fans have been wondering if these movies would be added back to the streaming service, so we decided to ask and here is what we have been told.

According to a rep at Netflix, they have not been told when the Paramount Friday the 13th films will be added back to the instant view platform. It is a cyclical system where as certain titles are featured on streaming and then pulled due to licensing issues as well as bandwidth concerns.

So, hopefully, these eight films will get their turn back into the streaming mix soon as there are a big number of Netflix users that enjoy being able to just point and click to watch Jason dismember his victims. We will let you know when word comes down that the films are available again!

Currently, Jason Goes To Hell, Jason X and the documentary His Name Was Jason are available on steaming.