First Look! Friday the 13th: The Obsession

Tim Whitfield and Timberwolf West Entertainment have been building up the fans for the much anticipated release of their Friday the 13th web series, Friday the 13th: The Obsession. Now, they have just released the photos from set up shots during day one of filming.

Below is actress Hannah Townsend portraying the role of obsessed fan Amy Marcus. Oh, and also, Jason Voorhees decided to make an appearance as well as a certain book that all Friday the 13th fans know about!

From the Timberwolf blog, more is explained about today's shoot:

On this very hot July 8th afternoon, lead actress Hannah Townsend eased into her new role of Amy Marcus in "Friday The 13th: The Obsession", a fan film 'web series' based on the very first Timberwolf production ever shot on VHS back in 1997/1998.

Read More about the day's filming at the production blog!