Jason Actor Douglas Tait, Michael Myers, And Halloween 3D

A few months ago we wrote about our good friend and awesome stuntman./actor Douglas Tait and his interest in portraying Michael Myers in the sequel Halloween 3D. He even took some test photos (Pictured Above) of himself wearing the mask and mechanics suit to show that he could be a menacing figure as The Shape.

Since the Weinstein Company added Halloween 3D to their release schedule this past week, we wondered if Doug had heard anything pertaining to the film. This writer asked him specifically if he was ready to audition for the part once the film is officially greenlit. Doug mentioned that Tyler Mane would most definitely be asked first to reprise the role of Michael. However, if Tyler declines, there is a great chance that Doug can win the role.

We really hope that Doug can get this part as he is very passionate about the role as the Halloween film series is his favorite. We will keep you updated if Doug gets the role!