Jason Has 'His Unlucky Day' Again!

Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter stands for many as the definitive Friday the 13th film. As such, the look of Jason Voorhees is equally adored by the fans. So, when artist James Mangrum set out on a quest to create the perfect 1:1 likeness of Jason from the film, fans took notice. James' first run of his Part 4 Jason bust, called His Unlucky Day, sold out all 13 copies immediately.

To find out why so many fans and collectors were clamoring for a chance to own this once in a life time piece of Friday the 13th memorabilia, read our interview with James and find out what he went through to create the perfect replica of Jason Voorhees. After the first run of the bust was completed, many collectors wondered if their would be a second run to purchase. Well, James confirmed to us that he indeed is in the middle of his second run with half of the 13 busts already sold.

Below is the breakdown on cost, payment options and contact information:

If you are interested in seeing more images involving the process of creating this bust or to see more photos of the finished product visit www.pareidoliaproductions.com.

- Translucent Resin Blank: $300 (shipping included in continental U.S.)
- James is not painting the items on this run, so you would need to hire an artist to complete the paint job.

For additional payment information, general questions or charges associated with international shipping rates please contact James Mangrum at: pareidoliaproductions@gmail.com