Jason Voorhees Actor Interested In Role For Halloween 3

The ties between the Friday the 13th and Halloween saga may not be as binding as with Friday the 13th and A Nightmare On Elm Street, but there are correlations between the masked maniac franchises going back to 1980. Everyone knows now that Director Sean Cunningham wanted to play off of the success of the original 1978 Halloween's success and set off to create his own slasher indie hit.

Since then, numerous special effects crews, directors and stunt men have been swapped between the series, especially in the late 1980's. Tom Morga, who played Jason Voorhees and Pseudo Jason in Friday the 13th: A New Beginning later was cast to portray Michael Myers in Halloween 4: The Return Of Michael Myers. Tom was later let go from that Hallowenn film, unfortunately, and replaced by George P. Wilbur. Now, another Jason actor has expressed interest in playing Michael Myers.

Doug Tait as Michael Myers in recent photo shoot at Myers house in Pasadena, CA
Douglas Tait (Jason Voorhees, Freddy vs Jason) recently mentioned in forum chatter that he indeed is very interested in being the next Michael Myers! In fact, Mr. Tait stated that he is a huge Halloween fan and that he would plan to utilize the classic Shape mannerisms that legendary stuntman Dick Warlock brought to the role in Halloween 2 (1981). Doug has been in contact with the Halloween 3 crew about his possible involvement. Since the proposed Halloween 3, possibly in 3D, has been placed on hold by the Weinsteins for the time being, we may not have a lot of movement on the Michael role at this time.

It's an interesting blend of horror franchises in Hollywood and if Doug gets the Michael Myers role based on the current script that the Weinsteins have, then you would have an actor who played Jason Voorhees in Freddy vs Jason playing Michael Myers in a film written by Todd Farmer who also wrote Jason X! We hope Doug gets the role as actors who are passionate about a role definitely enhances the performance 100%.