Community Film Marathon For May 13th

In a few weeks, the only Friday the 13th of the year will be upon us and to celebrate the special day, we are sponsoring a community chat by running a miniature Friday the 13th marathon chat with fans. We say miniature as staff of the website will only be able to participate on Friday night. This leaves time for up to three films to view.

During the chat we will be asking a few trivia questions along the way and winners will be contacted to receive their prize. The prizes to give away include an original RCA CED copy of Friday the13th Part 3, a mini poster created to promote Kane Hodder's book Kill! as well as a Grand Prize for a contest to be announced later tonight!

To chat about the films during the running time, please visit our Discussion Forum. At the bottom of our forum is a brand new red tool bar that contains the Chat Area for our website. To join in the chat, you must use either your Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or Yahoo Id. We will be working to expand user's ability to log into the chat by the film marathon in a couple of weeks

We need to vote on which films we are going to be viewing. The top three will be viewed on Friday May 13th starting at 9:00 PM EST with the most popular being viewed first and then next popular on down. Post your vote for which film you want to see in the comment area below.