Friday the 13th Blu-Ray Confusion Settled

A few weeks ago we brought you early news on the re-release of Friday the 13th 2009 on Blu-Ray. The release will contain a single disc only, which has led to speculation that there will be no digital copy accompanying this release. Although the digital copy still cannot be confirmed, we have updates on some of the features being included on the disc as well as clearing up some confusion on the aspect ratio.

For starters, the August 16th release will contain the Bonus View and Picture in Picture features that were present on the original release in 2009. The audio source hasn't been revealed yet as either DTS-HS or Dolby TruHD. Personally, this writer prefers DTS-HD as better quality, but it is more than likely that the previous Dolby TruHD will be used.

There has been a lot of confusion on the aspect ratio of late, as apparently has listed the aspect ratio at 1:77:1. That led another website to assume that this was going to detroy the the integrety of the film. Luckily, after spending a few moments researching, we found on that the aspect ration is indeed 2:40:1, which is the ratio used in the theatrical release. is a go-to website for all  things related to high definition releases, so rest assured Friday the 13th fans, you will get the film as it was originally filmed and attended for fans!