Origins Of The Camp Crystal Lake Sign

So many stories can be found pertaining to the production of films far many years after they have been wrapped and shown in theaters. Here we are 31 years after the release of Friday The 13th 1980 and there is still so much to learn and understand about the ground breaking slasher film.

While lucky fans visited Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco (The original camp filming location for Friday the 13th 1980) for the first official tour of the property, they found that the cook for the camp during the 1979 shoot of the film, Neil, was still very much involved with the camp during present day operations. Neil informed the fans and visitors to the camp that day of many stories pertaining to the production as well as a very nifty photo of how the Camp Crystal Lake sign came to be created for the film.

The people that visited the camp a few weeks back can certainly elaborate on this photo, but below is one of Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco's original signs when entering the property. The photo was taken in the Spring of 1979, right before the beginning of filming for Friday the 13th 1980. Does this look a little familiar to anyone? Well, it should as the production designers for the original Friday the 13th used this sign as a template to create the famous Camp Crystal Lake sign!

The shape of the No-Be-Bo-Sco sign matches perfectly to that which was used in the film and even the painted border from the boy scout camp sign was utilized in the final design of the Camp Crystal Lake sign. It is truly an awesome sight to witness the evolution of one of the more iconic symbols in horror movie history! Special thanks to Jason BGame for the info on the original sign.