Friday the 13th: The Obsession Begins Filming Soon

Within the next few weeks, Timberwolf Entertainment will begin principal photography on their very ambitious and highly anticipated web series. The web series will chronicle the fall of Amy Marcus (Hannah Townsend) into a psychotic state where the essence of Jason Voorhees dominates her conscience and people begin to die.

The first episode to be filmed in the series will Episode 3 out of 7. This episode will deal with the relationship of our troubled Jason fan, Amy, and her girlfriend Stephanie. Timberwolf has posted that this particular episode will not have any carnage, but guys will be pleased with the interactions of the two characters, so we have been told.

The rest of the shooting plans were laid out the official Facebook page for the series, which we have listed below. Look for pics and possibly some video in the next few months from the shoot of the film!

Episode 3 shoots in the next couple of weeks. From there we do 4, 5 and 2. After that we move into the more complex 1, 6 and 7 in August. We hope to start showing in Sept, and through Halloween. Character and set pics will pop up here and there.