Franchise Comic Review: Abuser And The Abused

We last reviewed a Friday the 13th comic with Friday The 13th: Pamela's Tale, where we get an origins tale with the humble beginnings of Pamela and then Jason Voorhees. Today we will examine the excellent one shot comic Friday the 13th: Abuser And The Abused.

Abuser and The Abused is a one shot comic written by Joshua Hale Failkov, illustrated by Andy B. and produced by the now defunct branch of DC Comics, Wildstorm Comics. The comic was released in June 2008.

About this issue:
Maggie is a high school teenage girl who's suffers from physical and emotional abuse. She gets beaten by her boyfriend Steve, mocked at school and emotionally abused by her stepmother. She constantly sports a black eye and bruises all over her body. Maggie has not been the same since the death of her mother. She gets no help to work through her problems from her principle, priest and psychiatrist. They all declare that Maggie tends to bring the problems on herself and that she needs to take control of things herself. Maggie decides to take matter into her own hands by killing those that have abused her, but her plan is cut short by Jason Voorhees.

The story is straightforward and nothing Earth shattering, however, the one item of note with this issue is the manner in which it is illustrated. A very old illustrating technique is used here which makes Abuser and The Abused a very unique comic in the Friday the 13th series. Some may not like the cartoonish and old school look to the pages, but comic enthusiasts are no doubt pleased to see this technique employed.

For a one shot comic, it delivers the goods with carnage and Jason Voorhees with a morality tale on abuse. Check it out if you're a Jason Voorhees fan!

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