See Friday the 13th Part 3 on 35MM In 3D!

So many fans were excited to finally see Friday the 13th Part 3 in 3d on the Deluxe Edition DVD and Blu-Ray releases back in 2009. For the most part, people were just happy to have the opportunity to see the film in 3D period. However, there are also many fans that were not happy with the average presentation and yearned for something better. Here is your chance!

Dread Central is offering 2 pairs of tickets for a rare 35MM screening of the film at Coolidge Corner Theater in Brookline, Massachusetts this weekend! Yes, this film will be in 3D and should be the original polarized technology. If you have never seen Part 3 in its original three dimensional viewing environment, then it will be a brand new way to watch Jason and Shelly together again. For more info on the giveaway of tickets, please visit the Dread Central Announcement