Rebecca Black, Friday the 13th T-Shirt

So, this particular story started off as just another report on something for Friday the 13th fans to purchase, but soon turned into something far more frightening. We thought Jason was tough to survive, but we now know something far more diffucult to defeat...... the music of Rebecca Black!

Never hearing of the teen Youtube sensation previous to writing about a new T-shirt developed by Dptced Apparel, we really had no idea what we were in for when listening to the music track. Let's just say that the future of music better not be Ms. Black or we may have to join Mr. Voorhees in some killing rampages. On to the T-shirt as the true focus of this story.

Dptced Apparel has created a T-shirt based on the lyrics of the aforementioned song "Friday". The shirt is a clever take on the lyrics utilizing the famous font of the Friday the 13th series. The shirt is pictured below and to order your very own, check out the order page for more details.

And, if you do not know anything about the sensation of Rebecca Black, check out the Wiki page on her, um, career as well as watch her, um, video. Yes you are getting just a link to the video. No way that was getting embedded on this website!