Friday the 13th Crossovers: House

One of this writer's favorite horror movies growing up and the victim of many, many multiple viewings is the 1986 film classic House. There is a number of silly characters, supernatural elements and awkwardly tense moments that were all thrown together into one of the most entertaining movies ever witnessed. In a way, it's like Evil Dead in tone and is a pleasure to watch even now.

William Kat was absolutely perfect in this film and should have done more in the horror genre. Of course, Carrie was only the beginning for him.

There are a lot of fans that are not aware that so many people from the Friday the 13th franchise were involved in making House. One major player in the franchise would not even be a part of the Friday series until after House was released in theaters. If you do not know about everyone that was involved in making this movie, then you are in for a treat.

House was produced by Friday the 13th 1980 director Sean Cunningham and directed by Friday the 13th Part 2 and Part 3 director Steve Miner. Harry Manfredini also joins his Friday friends to help score House. His music is easily recognizable and has a distinct blend of his older music from Friday the 13th with a pinch of Swamp Thing and the beginnings of his more recent synthesizer heavy scores that we have come accustomed to in Jason Goes To Hell and Jason X.

There are a number of actors that make appearances in House. Two actors that were in previous Friday the 13th movies and one that would appear much later in the series. In House, Steve Susskind (Harold Part 3) plays Frank McGraw, William Kats’ agent/publicist. Ron Carroll (Sgt. Tierny, Friday the 13th 1980) plays a Policeman/Detective. Finally, in a very small role, Steven Williams (Creighton Duke Jason Goes To Hell) plays a policeman that is called to, what else, the House.

The last two crew members are the most intriguing of the entire crew. Dan Bradley performed stunts for the movie and took direction from the film’s Stunt Coordinator, Kane Hodder. Dan Bradley would play Jason in the paintball scene in Jason Lives the same year that House was released in theaters. Kane Hodder, of course would go on to play Jason two years after House in Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood.
There is not another movie made that contains so many Friday the 13th alumni on one crew. So, if you have never seen House or have not viewed the movie in a long time, log into NetFlix or Blockbuster and revisit a true horror classic.

Ron Carroll Played Sgt. Tierny In Friday the 13th 1980

Steve Susskind Played Harold, The Ill-Fated Diner Owner In Friday the 13th Part 3

Steven Williams Would Later Play Bounty Hunter Creighton Duke In Jason Goes To Hell
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