Small Movement On Friday the 13th 2?

Friday the 13th fans like getting any type of small morsel of information that pertains to a new Friday the 13th movie. There has been a lot of rumor and conjecture floating about the web on the progress of a new sequel. We have tried to only report on facts or relevant information that is leaked, but we found some recent comments by Brad Fuller interesting.

Last night, Brad Fuller of Platinum Dunes posted a message on his Twitter account that said the following:

Landing at lax in 15 mins. Got to keep pushing Jason rock up this huge mountain.

After Mr. Fuller tweeted that message, he was asked if there was any word on a new Nightmare or Friday the 13th movie, in which Brad responded with the following:

thanks, we are trying to get something started and as soon as we do I will let you know.

Now, this is indeed conjecture for now, but when the Producer of the latest Friday the 13th film is stating that he is landing in L.A., mentions Jason and then says he is trying to get something started, well, you put it all together and see what you take from that. File this under the 'getting our hopes up' category for now, but any positive thoughts on this frustrating situation is worth mentioning, even for those fans that have begun to give up.
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