Friday The 13th Crossovers: Once Bitten

In 1985, the horror genre was experiencing a renassaince and many actors found themselves quite interchangable between different horror films as they had experience in those kind of movies and were easily recognized to Producers. When a small film called Once Bitten came along, a very young and unknown Jim Carrey was cast to star in the horror comedy that hinted at the wonders of sex and their consequences.

Since Friday the 13th was a genre film franchise and was viewed by it’s actors as a launching pad to a bigger career in Hollywood, it came as no surprise that you would start to see stars from the franchise appear in other horror films throughout the decade of the 80′s. If you watch Once Bitten closely there are a number of Friday the 13th alumn scattered about the movie.

Alumn in the film include Dominick Brascia (Joey, Friday the 13th: A New Beginning), Carey More (Tina, Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter) and Stu Charno (Ted, Friday The 13th Part 2). They all have funny and memorable scenes with their smaller acting parts in the film, but it is indeed a treat for Friday the 13th fans to see actors from different films in the Friday the 13th franchise collected within one motion picture!

Carey More (Tina, The Final Chapter | Left) and Stu Charno (Ted, Part 2 | Right)

Dominick Brascia (Joey, A New Beginning)


  1. I remember watching this all the time on HBO as a kid. Who knew Jim Carrey would go on to become as famous as he has. After its time on HBO, USA Up All Night would show it from time to time. Wow... I miss the good stuff from the 80's! lol

  2. I rememebr this to DrJohn, watching it whe I was a kid. Good times indeed!


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