Behind The Scenes: Jason Goes To Hell Unmasked

There has been much debate as to what Jason looked like under the hockey mask in Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday. There have been interpretations created by well known artists for masks and busts sold to fans, however, there has never been a definitive image showing Jason without the hockey mask. Today we have that very image.

Below is an image of Jason Voorhees without the hockey mask on! Now, we have seen a small glimpse of the cowl worn by Kane Hodder previously when we wrote a story featuring Horror Sanctums' cowl created from the original mold used for the film. However, it has never been seen worn by Kane Hodder without the hockey mask.

Notice that the skull indeed is part of the cowl. There has been debate to if the skull was really underneath the hockey mask. In the skull portion of the cowl you will notice the black mesh in the eye socket. That is how Kane could see through that part of the mask without the audience seeing his eye. However, in the film, you can see Kane's eye through the mesh in the scene where Jason is staring at himself in the mirror at Diana's house.

Photo Courtsey Of Bill Hunt

I was told by Bill Hunt, a member of the effects crew, that the image you see here is from the promotional appearance thought to be for the Mark and Brian radio show in L.A.. However, the same exact costume and makeup appliance was used on set for the film as well.

The leather strap for the hock was permanently attached to the cowl, which you can see in this pic as well. Then the hock was attached by the metal snaps located on the cowl, also noticeable in the pic. As for the pieces of the entire suit, the cowl was a seperate piece that was attached to the body suit via velcro. The body suit zipped up from the back and the hands were seperate pieces as well. 

Big thanks to Bill Hunt for providing the image and information pertaining to the Jason Voorhees costume used in Jason Goes To Hell!
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