Freddy vs Jason vs Ash Trailer Debut

A few days ago we brought you news of a new fan film that brought Jason Voorhees into film once again. However, this time Jason has to face Freddy Krueger and Ash Williams from the Evil Dead series. Now, we have the trailer debut for the film!

Freddy vs Jason vs Ash
Produced By Trent Duncan Productions
Directed By Trent Duncan
Written By Trent Duncan

Plot Synopsis
Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees team up to seek revenge on Ash Williams. Lucy's haunting nightmares of Freddy resurface as he persuades her to read from the Necronomicon while Jason terrorizes Lucy's friends, leading them to the sacred ceremonial ground.


  1. Crystal Lake SlasherApril 13, 2011 at 10:24 AM

    I dig the trailer and the guy playing Ash looks pretty close to Bruce Campbell. I like that the little girls were used like in the Nightmare films. Lookin forward to the movie!

  2. Jason does look good in the film, but Freddy looks a little off. No big deal though as this does look like a lot of fun! Great job.

  3. I think this looks pretty good. The camera work looks good for a fan film and the actresses look hot! Good effort on the trailer!

  4. Ha Ha..... "Groovy" Love it. I'll be watching for this when it is released. On the web I assume?!


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