Watch Now: Friday The 13th Fan Film ‘Here Comes The Night Part III’

We wrote about this fan film series right before the pandemic hit, back in 2019, when the original film debuted online. The movie had some great characters and performances and offered up a neat twist near it’s conclusion. Over three years later the series is concluding with Here Comes The Night Part III! Watch the final film below and let us know what you think.

Produced by Jason Kays and directed by Tim McCormack, Here Comes the Night: Part 3 celebrates what fans love about the classic 80’s slasher series, and Jason Voorhees.

The plot details for the film are as follows:

The epic conclusion to "Here Comes the Night" is finally here! Having narrowly escaped certain death at the hands of new friends and old enemies, Allison, Billy, and Suzie find safety at a cabin across the lake. However, as the sins of the past are revealed, and the lies of the present unfold, no one is truly safe at Crystal Lake.

Co-written by McCormack, Kays, and Doug Carter the film stars Sarah K Wolf, Jason Kays, Salina Vela, Ross Blaag, Jack Buckingham and Tim Haag.

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