Watch Now: Friday The 13th Fan Film 'Here Comes The Night'

Set in the original Friday the 13th universe, Here Comes the Night tells the story of a group of friends invited into the woods for a weekend getaway.

As the small group settles in and explores, they begin to uncover the secrets buried deep within the woods.

As the sun goes down, and the darkness closes in, their weekend adventure turns into a deadly nightmare.

Starring Sarah K. Wolf, Jason Kays, Michael Mills
with Courtney McAdams, Bill Symon, and Introducing Tim Haag as Jason
Written, Directed, and Edited by Tim McCormack
Produced by Jason Kays

Story by Tim McCormack and Jason Kays
Director of Photography Douglas Carter
Special Practical Effects and Make-up by Kellie Sorrows
Special Digital Effects by Douglas Carter
Sound Design by Sam Rauch
Original Musical Score by Michael Mills
Stunt Coordinator Jeff Schwan
Associate Producers Salina Vela, Bill Symon, Sam Rauch
Executive Producers Douglas Carter, Tim McCormack, Jason Kays

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