Production Used Jason Goes To Hell Mask And Machete Auctioned Soon

It gets to be extremely hard to own props from the productions of the Friday The 13th films, not only because of the condition of the items as the years pass by, but also due to the large cost associated with purchasing these items. That will not change at the end of this month as a production used hockey mask and machete will be up for auction from Jason Goes To Hell!

Prop Store is set to hold one of the world’s largest live auctions of film and TV memorabilia in Los Angeles, with over 1,200 rare and iconic lots to be sold during the three days event (June 29-July 1).

Bidding is expected to start at $20,000 for the mask and $8,000 for the machete! Safe to say these items are out of range for the average fan, but perhaps you can give the auction a try and see what happens?

The items are described in more detail below:

The hockey mask is constructed of molded polyurethane painted white, gray, and brown with “To Tom, You’re Next, “Jason”” signed in black marker by Hodder above a red triangle emblem. Three brown leather straps are screwed into the top and sides. Though intentionally distressed, the mask remains in good overall condition. The mask was used in the opening sequence when Jason was shot by the SWAT team.

The metal machete features a plastic handle secured with metal rivets. The standard fabric wraps are absent on the handle. The machete was designed to be used on a dummy body during the explosion sequence in the beginning of the film.

This lot comes from the collection of renowned special effects artist Tom “Brooklyn” Bellissimo. A letter of authenticity from Bellissimo is included.”

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