Final Packaging Images Revealed For ‘The New Blood’ NECA Figure

It came as a huge surprise last July when NECA announced they were releasing the next Jason Voorhees figure in their Ultimate Friday The 13th line, as the ongoing legal battle for rights of the franchise was though to have put that on hold. Fans of been anxiously awaiting the release of The New Blood figure in this line for years and the announcement was an exciting one for sure. Part VII Jason will be released with a ton of extras, including the infamous brush hook and tree trimmer saw. Our readers were expecting to have this Jason in their possession by now, but it was delayed from late 2020 to February 2021. Now, we will not see the figure until a few months later.

According to NECA’s official site, the figure was to be released in April 2021, but even now it is still yet to be released.. We are not sure why there has been delays as this figure had been in the works and was near ready for release when the legal battle between Sean Cunningham and Victor Miller stalled all plans for future merchandise and films.

NECA just recently released the final packaging images and this figure is going to be a beauty for sure!

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