Friday The 13th Director Sean Cunningham To Meet Fans This August

Conventions took an interesting turn in 2020 with the pandemic causing numerous businesses and social gatherings to shut down. Now, however, these gatherings are coming back, and as such, Monster-Mania Con is putting together an awesome show this August 13-15 in Cherry Hill, New Jersey that will include a ton of horror fan favorite actors and filmmakers. 

Although Sean Cunningham's involvement with later films in the franchise continues to have mixed reactions from the fans, there is no denying that his willingness to re-create the success of John Carpenter's Halloween helped usher in a new era of Horror films in the 1980's, starting with his directorial effort, Friday The 13th. His film is a seminal classic that spawned one of the most financially successful film franchises in the history of film and helped create one of the most iconic characters in the world that still resonates with fans to this day.

Just announced is that Sean Cunningham will indeed return to the convention scene at Monster Mania and he is sure to receive a lot of questions about the rights battle for the franchise.

Make sure to visit to get more information about the event and pricing!

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