New Friday The 13th: A New Beginning Behind The Scenes Photos Surface Of Roy On Spikes

We just passed the 35th anniversary of one of the most controversial entries in the Friday The 13th franchise and the fifth film A New Beginning has definitely left it’s mark with Friday fans as well as the horror community as a whole. The interesting decision to go back to a whodunit and make the central character Tommy Jarvis has continued to divide our readers, but the reveal of the killer at the conclusion of A New Beginning has been even more troublesome for fans to understand.

The reveal of Roy Burns as the killer was presented with a gruesome death as he fell outside the barn from the loft onto a bed of spikes. The awkward reveal of the killer without the mask while he laid on the spikes was difficult for many to discern as the killer’s face was not exactly the easiest to make out in the rain and lighting. Eventually, all was explained later in the hospital by the Sheriff as to Roy’s connection to the Pinehurst Halfway house. Roy as the killer has lived on in infamy for four decades now, and so has the prop of Roy laying on the spikes that revealed him as the killer.

Over the years, many behind the scenes photos have popped up online showing off the various props from A New Beginning, including one very famous image of the prop that has a Roy Burns dummy on the bed of spikes. It’s great to find these rare treasures, but now a few new images have surfaced, thanks to Tommy Syme in our Facebook Group. Below you will find some brand new, never before seen images of the bed of spikes prop that give a really clear look at ol’ Roy.

One of the really nice details you can clearly see in the image is Roy’s right hand has been severed, which shows off great continuity for the film. If you’re a fan of A New Beginning, these photos are sure to make you smile as behind the scenes photos always lend great insight into the making of these fun and entertaining films!

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