All Day April Fool’s Day Friday The 13th Film Marathon Happening On Movies! Network

Although we are just a few weeks removed from the latest Friday The 13th date of 2020, the Movies! Network is going to be showing their own Friday The 13th marathon on April Fool’s Day this Wednesday! They are showing the original eight Paramount films in the franchise all day as the television event kicks off at 8am EST.

I watched a number of these films when they were aired on the network a few years ago and a lot of the kills were left intact. Only language found unacceptable by today's standards were bleeped out and even the scenes with nudity were left in with a blurred patch placed over the frames. These are definitely worth a watch to see how much of the film is left in place.

To find out what channel Movies! is located at in your area, make sure to visit and check out the local listings and their schedule as well.

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