Ranking The Franchise: Top 3 Best Death Scenes Of 'Friday The 13th: A New Beginning'

Our Ranking The Franchise series continues today as we have decided to put together our Top 3 Best death scenes in Friday The 13th: A New Beginning! This was a hard list to work out as this film has one of the highest body counts of the entire franchise. Although the majority of the death scenes were edited heavily by the MPAA, A New Beginning still boasts some of the best kills in the franchise. Our readers may or may not agree with our rankings, but the fifth film in the franchise contains a number of classic death scenes that could be ranked higher than what we have listed below.

3. Eddie Feels The Squeeze

This death scene in Friday The 13th: A New Beginning is the most excruciating to witness in the film. The overall scene is not as tense or drawn out as the others in our Top 3, but Eddie's death is the most graphic.

Eddie and Tina decide to go back to the Hubbard's woods for more sexual escapades as Raymond the drifter watches from a far. The creepy pervert is killed by our unseen killer, and following his death, Eddie and Tina conclude their romantic encounter whereas Eddie walks to a pond to "freshen up". Alone, Tina lays naked in the daylight on the sheet the couple brought with them as she stares up into the trees and the sun. Suddenly, a pair of hedge clippers are thrust into her head. Eddie returns from the pond to join Tina and calls out her name repeatedly. Frustrated that her back is facing him and that she does not respond, Eddie kneels down to the ground and grabs her shoulder to roll her over to face him. Eddie's face turns pale as he notices Tina's eyes gouged out and face bloodied. With a look of fright, he backs up against a near-by tree and a leather strap is thrown around his head from behind. The strap is tightened around his head by the unseen killer as his head becomes crushed against the tree.

2. Violet Sees "No Life In His Eyes..."

Incorporating music from the dance or rock genre into a Horror film can definitely increase the viewer's adrenaline during a tense scene. There is no better example of this in the franchise than in A New Beginning during Violet's death scene. Her death itself is nothing too extraordinary, but the events leading up to her death are awesome with a stalking killer and upbeat music of Pseudo Echo's "His Eyes".

As the unseen killer infiltrates the main house of Pinehurst and begins killing off the residents, Violet is dancing and listening to music while her back is facing the entrance to her room. Unaware of what is happening around her, she continues to dance as the door for the entrance to her room slowly opens, revealing a bloodied hand. She hears a noise behind her and turns around. Violet surveys her bedroom, but no one is there. She turns around to continue dancing and the legs of the killer appear from behind a wall. A bloodied machete seemingly floats toward Violet as the music plays louder. She swings around toward the entrance to her room and is suddenly grabbed by the neck, thrown up against a wall, and stabbed with the machete in the stomach.

1. "It's Those Damn Enchiladas"

Screenwriter Martin Kitrosser seemingly has an affection for outhouse scenes as not only did he write an outhouse scene for Friday The 13th: A New Beginning, but also a more condensed, but equally entertaining scene for Friday The 13th Part 3. Chuck didn't die in his outhouse scene in Part 3, but poor Demon was not so lucky in A New Beginning. This tops our list for the fifth film in the franchise as it not only mixes in a little comedy, but the sense of vulnerability a lot of out readers probably have felt at some point in our lives using a public bathroom with people walking around.

After his brother Reggie the reckless leaves the trailer park with Pam, Demon is sitting in his van talking to his girlfriend Anita. All of the food he has eaten has caught up to him and a trip to the bathroom is in order, whereas he speaks the famous words, “It's those damn enchiladas”. While sitting in the outhouse of the trailer park, the walls begin to shake. Demon gets nervous, but then realizes it's his girlfriend Anita. He tells her, "You're gonna get it bitch", and then moves into a singing duet with her. They sing back in forth through the wall of the outhouse when suddenly Demon hears a faint noise by Anita. He asks if she is alright, then the walls start to shake. He believes Anita is the culprit once again and opens the door to yell at her. Demon has trouble opening the door and pushes harder to reveal Anita dead on the ground with a slit throat. Unable to escape the outhouse and scared, he backs up against the outhouse wall. Suddenly, a metal post is thrust through a wall and eventually into Demon's knee. He cries in horror as knows he is about to die and then the final death blow is delivered with the metal post pushed through the wall, into his back forward through his stomach.

There are many fan favorite death scenes within the film, but these three stand out to us. What are your favorites and how does our list compare to yours?

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