Ranking The Franchise: Top 3 Best Death Scenes Of Friday The 13th Part VII: The New Blood

Our Ranking The Franchise series continues today as we have decided to put together our Top 3 Best death scenes in Friday The 13th Part 7: The New Blood! This was a hard list to work out as there are a number of memorable and outrageous death scenes in this film. Although the majority of the death scenes were edited heavily by the MPAA, The New Blood still boasts some of the best kills in the franchise. Our readers may or may not agree with our rankings, but the seventh film in the franchise contains a number of classic death scenes that could be ranked higher than what we have listed below.

3. Dan Needs Wood

Many The New Blood fans along with Jason Voorhees actor himself, Kane Hodder, shower praise upon Judy's sleeping bag death scene in the film. Although the character of Judy and her boyfriend Dan are total throw-in characters with no tie to the plot of the movie, the sleeping bag kill is a great WOW moment in the franchise. With that being said, our number three death scene in the film goes to boyfriend Dan and his hands-on (more like hand-through) encounter with Mr. Voorhees.

As the couple sits around a fire by their tent, Dan makes a move on Judy for which she mentions being cold. Dan counters by telling her he will warm her up. She thwarts his advances by telling him to get more wood or it could be a real cold night that night. Dan ventures away from the camp site to gather wood with his machete. From a distance, Jason watches him as he chops wood into a pile. Dan senses something is not right, like someone might be watching him, but gathers his pile of wood anyways and begins heading back to his camp. As he walks with wood in both of his arms, Jason slowly walks up behind him with his hand raised in the air and fist clenched tightly. Just behind Dan, Jason punches through his back in one swift motion, opening a gaping hole in him creating an instant death.

Although the scene was edited, audiences still feel the full and sudden impact of Dan's death while he is in a vulnerable state, unable to defend himself.

2. David, Hunter Gatherer, Seeks Nourishment

David was the requisite Stoner of the group in The New Blood and caused friction between friends Maddy and Robin. Of course, Robin hooked up with David as Maddy still needed a little "touch-up work". David and Maddy retired from the party downstairs to up to a bedroom and have their own party.

Although, Jason Voorhees cut the power to the house, that didn't stop the pair from capping off their night of partying with sex. Afterwards, David complains of hunger and proclaims, "Hunter Gatherer seeks nourishment". After walking downstairs, David enters the dark kitchen and as he wanders towards the refrigerator, lightning strikes outside. The flash of light from the lightning illuminates the kitchen to reveal Jason Voorhees standing in the back corner of the room staring at David while holding a butcher knife. As David kneels down to see what is inside the refrigerator, Jason slowly walks toward him with an anxious instinct to attack. David turns around and Jason thrusts the knife into his stomach and the Stoner falls to the ground in his own blood.

The end result may not be as satisfying a kill as some of the others in the film due to the MPAA edits, but the sight of Jason being revealed as waiting for David in the kitchen makes the scene memorable for fans.

1. Maddy Will Need A Little More Touch-Up Work

The later Friday The 13th films lacked the true suspense and terror that the first four films displayed, but in The New Blood, there is one scene that comes sort of close to capturing that old school feeling. Who would have thought Maddy and a tool shed would produce the number one death scene in our rankings.

Taking her friend Robin's advice, Maddy gives herself a make-over and goes outside looking for Stoner hunk David. She wanders around the woods looking for him when she realizes she lost an earring. While bending down searching the ground for her earring, a body drops from the trees right in from of her. Maddy screams and Jason appears from behind a tree. The terrified would-be victim runs to a tool shed and hides behind a wall divide. Jason quickly opens the door to the tool shed and begins looking at the many instruments of destruction on the wall. Maddy, walking backwards from the wall divide, knocks into a basket and Jason hears the noise. He begins walking towards the wall and Maddy quickly crawls underneath another wall divide. She peers through the small holes in the wooden wall and watches Jason investigate the area. Jason leaves to walk around where Maddy now hides and she again crawls underneath the wall divide. A visibly frustrated Jason grabs a weapon from the wall of the shed and slowly creeps toward Maddy as she hides along another wall. Quickly and without noise, Jason's arms break through the wall, grab Maddy and then a scythe blade swings towards her body with a blood curdling scream!

Although this is another bloodless death in the film (Thanks MPAA), the tension that mounts with the cat and mouse game between Maddy and Jason is reminiscent of some of the earlier films whereas the Final Girl would try and escape Jason in the final act.

There are many fan favorite death scenes within the film, but these three stand out to us. What are your favorites and how does our list compare to yours?

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