Final Packaging Images For 'Friday The 13th: A New Beginning' Roy Burns Action Figure

NECA is hitting on all cylinders with the Ultimate Jason Voorhees line of 7 inch figures and their promise to release all of the incarnations of the character from the twelve films in the franchise is being fully realized. We may have to wait for the remaining three figures due to the litigation pertaining to the rights battle between Victor Miller and Sean Cunningham, but today's reveal should still be a reason for fans to rejoice. The first officially licensed released action figure of Roy Burns was announced a few months back and today we have t he final packaging for the figure.

The Friday The 13th: A New Beginning figure comes with a plethora of accessories and has been an anticipated release for a very long time. Thank you NECA!

This deluxe 7 inch scale action figure is the definitive collector's version of Roy Burns, the deranged imposter Jason from Friday the 13th: A New Beginning!
Featuring over 25 points of articulation it includes tons of accessories including a removable mask with blue chevrons that were unique to Part 5, cleaver, hunting knife, machete, garden shears, road flare, railroad spike, and much more.

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