Discussion: How To Introduce New Fans To The Friday The 13th Films

Today's topic has always been an interesting one to discuss as it is different for every individual. For me, growing up with the Friday The 13th movies as they were being released in theaters in the 1980's was a real treat and one I wish all fans could have experienced. It was fun to know about the movies just by talking with friends, visiting the theaters and seeing the posters and marketing each and every year. It was a exciting time to be a fan, but what about now? How do you introduce someone new to the films?

Personally, I feel it would be necessary to start from the beginning with Friday The 13th 1980 and watch them all of the way through. It gives you a real sense of how the series of films progressed. If you have some old magazines and marketing materials, it would be cool to show a new fan these first before each film and really give them a feel for what it was like thirty years ago before watching the movies. Heck, I would even show them the original trailer before going into watching the films. That is, unless that person really hates spoilers!

Doing these types of things could make for a much better experience of introduction. However, I know that today's generation may find the first few films a little too slow for their tastes, so would showing them Friday The 13th 2009 be a good jumping off point? Let us know how you would break a friend or family member into the franchise by posting in the comments section below and see how fellow fans would introduce their friends and family to the Friday The 13th franchise.

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