Ranking The Franchise: Top 3 Best Death Scenes Of 'Friday The 13th Part 3'

Our Ranking The Franchise series continues today as we have decided to put together our Top 3 Best death scenes in Friday The 13th Part 3! This was a hard list to put together as there are so many memorable scenes where Jason dispatches of his victims. Our readers may or may not agree with our rankings, but the third film in the franchise contains a number of classic death scenes that could be ranked higher than what we have listed below.

3. Rick Pops His Top

Friday The 13th Part 3 may be the ultimate audience participation film found in the franchise with so many iconic characters, famous lines, and legendary death scenes. It was hard to pick the three best, but the first death scene to stick out in my mind was Rick's head popping scene, literally at the hands of Jason Voorhees. The overall scene is short with not as much build-up as other scenes we cover for these lists, but it is the one time Jason is shown restraining a would-be victim to avoid detection before killing them. The kill is pretty awesome too!

After Rick and Chris arrive back at Higgins Haven after dark, they enter the main house to find popcorn burning on the stove and no sign of any of Chris's friends. Anxious to go investigate and find out what is going on, Rick goes outside without Chris to look for the friends. Chris follows mere seconds behind him and opens the front door to the house. She calls out for Rick with no response back from him. The camera pans right to the side of the house to show that Jason has Rick wrapped tightly in his arms, with his hand over Rick's mouth to not allow him to warn Chris. After Chris closes the door, Jason puts his hands on each side of Rick's head and lifts his body up off of the ground, using his head, and squeezes with inhuman force until Rick's head is crushed and one eye ball pops out from his skull

2. Vera's Eye Hurts Peeking At Shelly's Wallet

Poor Vera became the object of affection of Shelly, thus she had to endure his ultimate scare prank of a psycho killer jumping out of a lake wearing a hockey mask and brandishing a harpoon gun. Pretty standard fare, would imagine, if you are as beautiful as Vera was. So when Vera scolded Shelly for his stunt and made him walk away in a sulking manner, she of course felt bad and opened his wallet that she had borrowed from him earlier in the day. You should never do that as you never know when that hockey masked killer may come back with a little vengeance in mind.

As Vera flips through the pictures in Shelly's wallet while sitting on the pier, she hears a noise behind her and begins to sit up. In doing so, she accidentally drops the wallet into the lake and cannot reach far enough to grab it. Vera decides to walk into the shallow portion of the lake and grab the wallet as it floats on the surface. After she picks the wallet up from the water, a hockey masked wearing figure appears on the pier and aims the harpoon gun at Vera. She pleads for the person to knock it off, as she now realizes it's not Shelly. Jason pulls the trigger on the gun and with tremendous 3D effect, the arrow lands straight in Vera's eye and her body falls into the lake

1. Walking On Your Hands Makes You Half The Man...

Admittedly, being able to consistently walk on your hands from room to room is pretty impressive, and might even be attractive to a certain kind of lady. Maybe that was Andy's thinking in Part 3 while he goes to talk to Debbie in the shower? All I know is that it sets you up for a pretty vulnerable and gruesome death at the hands of Jason Voorhees.

After Andy and Debbie have sex in a hammock, Debbie goes to take a shower. While she lathers up under the warm water, the camera slowly pans in on the shower curtain and her silhouette. Suddenly, something knocks up against the curtain rod and Andy's legs are revealed up in the air. Andy has been walking on his hands and asks Debbie is she wants a beer. Mean while, Jason has walked up the stairs to the second floor where the couple is talking. He stands against the hallway wall with machete in hand. Andy, still walking on his hands, moves right past Jason without even seeing him. Suddenly, Jason reveals himself in the middle of the hallway. Andy notices him only a second before Jason swings the machete towards his body and we see Andy's upper torso fall to the ground. Later it is revealed Andy was split in half.

There are many fan favorite death scenes within the film, but these three stand out to us. What are your favorites and how does our list compare to yours?

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