Jason Voorhees Continues Teenage Love In Comedy Follow Up "Social Mediasochist II"

It has already been five years since Director/writer Zoran Gvojic unleashed his totally awesome music video homage to slasher films, but more specifically, the John Hughes teen movies. I always wanted to see more and now the sequel is here!

Zoran directed the original 
slasher romance video for the song “Social Mediasochist”, by Chicago band Common Shiner. The video, created by Zoran and his LowCarbComedy group, has a teenage Jason Voorhees and his friend Freddy Krueger attending Wes Craven’s Slasher High School. The pair try to get Jason to hook up with the most beautiful girl in school. Of course, things don't always go well for Jason and his quest to get the girl, and hijinks with Michael Myers and other slasher villains ensue.

The brand new video (which you can view below) was once again sees the return of Lowcarbcomedy.com and Morgan Foster for the return for the next bloody chapter in the epic love story of Jason and Carrie.  This sequel to their viral hit music video Common Shiner’s Social Mediasochist (Over 45 million views) is based on the song “On and On” from Morgan Foster’s new album Life Neurotica. After raising over $10,000 dollars with their Kickstarter Campaign, the video has finally been released on Lowcarbcomedy.com’s Youtube Channel!  With well over 200 hundred hidden horror movie easter eggs, surprise horror movie celebrity cameos, tons of practical gore fx, and an original female slasher killer: The Maniac Pixie Dream Girl, this long awaited sequel is a worthy successor to the much loved (and much pirated) original.

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