Ranking The Franchise: Top 3 Best Death Scenes Of 'Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter'

"Top" lists are ever so popular on websites nowadays and they usually find out fan's thoughts on particular subjects and see where the genre community stands with regard to a particular film or franchise. In a new continuing tradition of creating these lists for our website, we decided to put together our Top 3 Best death scenes in Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter! Our readers may or may not agree with our rankings, but in The Final Chapter, there are so many great death scenes that could be ranked higher than what we have listed below.

3. Doug Gets Head In The Shower

Our number one and two choices are locks and no brainers, but this number three selection was hard to determine. It is almost impossible to pick a number 3 death scene from this movie as there are so many memorable deaths to choose from. With that being said, we decided to go with one of the more personal and brutal deaths in the franchise where Jason Voorhees kills his victim with his bare hands while they are in the nude.

In the scene, Doug and Sarah have just finished their love making activities in the shower and Sarah exits the bathroom to go dry off. As Doug stays in the shower singing "Tangerine", the lights are turned off. Doug initially believes that Sarah has returned for more frolicking, but after no response from her to his remarks, he assumes Paul or others from the group are pranking him. Unfortunately for him, Jason is the only one in the room. Doug jokingly tells his would-be pranksters that he has dropped his bar of soap and to get in the shower to help him. Jason obliges him and crashes through the glass shower door and proceeds to crush Doug's head against the shower wall.

2. Rob Screams To Trish, "He's Killing Me"

Rob's death is a bloodless affair(at least in the eyes of the viewing audience), but his demise is one of the most saddening and scary scenes in not only the film, but the entire franchise. As Rob, Trish and her dog Gordon go next door to the party house to investigate if Jason has indeed arrived to wreak havoc, the lights go out inside and Rob goes into the basement to find the electricity box. Meanwhile, Trish ventures upstairs to find her dog who has run to the second level of the house. Trish ultimately discovers Doug's lifeless body propped up in the shower by his crushed head on the shower door and runs downstairs hysterically shouting "He's here"! She finds Rob in the basement and as the two begin to leave out of the basement, Rob drops his knife and goes to pick it up. Jason surprises him, grabbing and throwing him up against the wall while also picking up a garden harrow. Rob yells to Trish to run up the stairs and get away. As Trish stands at the top of the basement stairs frozen with fear, Rob continues to yell out, "He's killing me!"

The infamous scene leaves the audience scared, tense, and terrified as we feel absolutely terrible for the Rob character to die in such a horrible way. It also left viewers wondering what Jason would do to poor Trish Jarvis in the aftermath.

1. Jason Is Warned, "I'm Gonna Give You Something To Remember This By"

Although Trish doesn't truly give the final "Something" for Jason to remember, her words had never rung more true in the franchise for Mr. Voorhees. Who would have thought Jason's death would be the best in the film?

Following a harrowing chase scene between Jason and Trish Jarvis, Jason threw Trish to the front-room floor of the Jarvis house and began attacking her. Young Tommy arrives in the room sporting a striking resemblance to a young Jason Voorhees. While Jason is mesmerized by the striking resemblance of Tommy to himself as a young boy, Trish grabs the machete and knocks off the trademark hockey mask from Jason's head. As Jason is distracted with his attention now towards Trish, Tommy grabs the same machete and strikes Jason in the side of the head. The effects created for this climactic scene are tremendous, leaving Jason a bloodied mess. For good measure, Tommy decided to attack an almost motionless Jason lying on the floor again, repeatedly stabbing him with the machete as the screen fades to white. The perfect ending to The Final Chapter.

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