Watch Jason Voorhees Be Defeated In Record Time In Nintendo's Friday The 13th Game

Gamers and Friday The 13th fans have practiced for decades to defeat Jason Voorhees in the Nintendo Entertainment System's 1988 Friday The 13th video game. Contributor Carlo Carrasco wrote a retrospective on the game a few years ago detailing the struggles of surviving and succeeding in completion of the adventure and super fan Chris McDonald even created a Friday The 13th Game Strategy Guide to help defeat Jason Voorhees and win the game.

Just about a week ago, Youtuber and Twitch gamer Warwick STL was playing through the infamous Nintendo game and completed an awesome speed run of the game in which he defeated Jason in just over four minutes of game play. He stated on his Youtube channel that is still a minute off of the world record, but it is his record best and it is really cool to watch someone go through and defeat Jason is such a short amount of time. Some fans may have never seen Jason be defeated before in the game period.

Check out the video below and give Warwick STL a sub on his Youtube channel!

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