NECA Shows Off Their Ultimate Roy Burns 'Friday The 13th: A New Beginning' Figure

Along with the momentum that Friday The 13th: A New Beginning has gained over the past decade with more and more fans accepting and championing the film, there has also been a cry for a proper release of the Roy Burns pseudo Jason figure. NECA released a Mego style version of the character a few years ago, but we all want more, and the end game of course is to own a 7 inch action figure of ol' Roy. That persistent desire was rewarded recently when it was announced a few months ago that fans were indeed getting the figure that has been asked for.

Included with the figure is a machete, cleaver, knife, road flare, shears, belt and stick, metal pole, and rail road spike. There are also two heads, one with Roy's face exposed with cowl and the hockey masked killer. Yesterday, NECA showed off some stunning studio shots of the figure representing some of the most memorable moments and kills in the film as well as the franchise.

The figure should be released some time in Quarter 2. Check out the images of the figure below, which could be one of the most fun releases of this line from NECA.

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