Exclusive: Download The Ultimate Nintendo Friday The 13th Game Strategy Guide!

It has been over 25 years since LJN released the only official Friday The 13th video game to ever be produced (That is set to change in 2016). The much maligned game was part of the first wave of Nintendo offerings produced and has frustrated players for decades. Even recently, one of our writers discussed their thoughts on the unusual game-play that has haunted franchise fans for many years. Part of the initial frustration with playing the game was not knowing what to do, or what weapons to use, or even where to trust the direction the map was telling your counselor to go.

Thanks to Chris McDonald and TripleZeroFilms last year, those concerns were wiped away by the first ever comprehensive strategy guide for the Nintendo game for which it helped many lifelong fans and gamers finally achieve success in defeating Jason. Since that time, there has been a number of new discoveries in the game and a lot of merchandise and fan creations related to the purple jumpsuit wearing maniac.

With all that in mind, Chris decided to create a second edition of the strategy guide that is indeed the ultimate edition look at the game that not only breaks down every aspect of the game play, but includes an interview with the man responsible for the now iconic music found within the game as well as links to numerous fan made creations related the 1989 cult classic. Chris and TripleZeroFilms have been nice enough to make us the exclusive destination to download the strategy guide which can be downloaded with the link below.


About The Guide
Friday the 13th on the NES is widely accused of being among of the worst games for the system. However, the reality is that while not being an instant classic in the vein of Super Mario Brothers, it is actually a fairly deep and complex survival horror game. Much of the hate for this game likely stemmed from the lack of instruction included in either the manual or the game itself. It also didn’t help that in more recent years most people’s introduction to the game came via James Rolfe’s (aka the “Angry Video Game Nerd’s”) rather famous, and scathing, comedic review of the game.

With all this in mind, and my personal love for this particular title (as well as the franchise it represents), I have put together this guide – one I hope will serve to inform and help with the enjoyment of this game for years to come and be the final word on an underrated classic.

On the Second Edition: When I originally created this guide, I thought it finished. In the year after its release, however, I continued to learn things about the game that had previously been unknown to me. As the list of new information grew, I felt it was my duty to update what I claimed was the “complete” guide. But more than just updating the basic information about the game, I felt that the Second Edition was a chance to expand upon what this guide was. I decided that I would try and add an even broader spectrum of content related to this beloved game - an interview with the game’s composer, a catalogue of the retail products based on the game, community created achievements and challenges, links to video/audio/print media created by the community on the web, and even the game’s original manual. Falling down this rabbit hole again has been a long (and sometimes difficult) journey, but I feel that this guide is much stronger for it. There is a lot of love and passion in this guide, and I truly hope you enjoy it.

Chris McDonald
Owner / Triple Zero Films

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/TripleZeroFilms
Twitter: https://twitter.com/triplezerofilms
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