Mel Brooks' Spaceballs Predicted 14 Friday The 13th films back in 1987

The Friday The 13th films are synonymous with the 1980's. The pop-culture appeal of the franchise fit perfectly into the decade that also produced a number of hilarious parody films of other famous franchises. One such parody is one of the best comedic representations of a movie in history and that film is Spaceballs. Mel Brooks' Star Wars themed romp exposed not only the funniest plot points of the original Star Wars trilogy, but many of the pop-culture elements founded in the 1980's. Of course, you can't have a movie about the 80's without referencing Friday The 13th.

During the scene where Dark Helmet and Colonel Sanders search for the heroes of Spaceballs, they reference Mr. Rental with it's immense library to view an instant cassette of the film to locate them. If you look closely at the catalog of Mr. Rental you will see an entire shelf of Friday The 13th films (lower left of second pic) that go up to fourteen! Almost thirty years later, we're getting closer to the thirteenth film.

This was a fun reference for the franchise and echoed the thoughts of many fans in the decade that Friday The 13th films would continue on forever.

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