Vintage 'Friday The 13th Part 7: The New Blood' Promo Shirt

Discovering the marketing used to promote the Friday the 13th films can sometimes be more exciting than watching the films themselves (at least for this writer) and when we find a rare item it will always be shared with our readers. Of course, promoting the films in home video stores in the 1980's became almost as important as the theater marketing and as such some awesome promotional materials were created for the home video crowd.

We recently discovered what looks to be a Friday The 13th Part 7: The New Blood home video promotional shirt which looks great, but it has a peculiar film title on the back of the shirt. The title is Jack's Back which was a James Spader thriller also released theatrically in 1988 along with The New Blood. It looks as though Paramount decided to promote two films with one item, which was not entirely uncommon in those days.

The shirt just sold on eBay recently for $39 and is another collectible item from the franchise that fans will pay to have.

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