Retro Home Video: ‘Friday The 13th: A New Beginning’ VHD Format Release

Back in the late 1970's/early 1980's, companies were jockeying for the top position in the home video market. As the demand for watching films at home grew, so did the technology to make the experience more like watching in a theater. Different home video formats were developed, such as Betamax and VHS tapes as well as CED and Laserdisc. As we discussed in a previous story, RCA produced CED vinyl discs in caddies that were supposed to up the level of interaction between home audiences and the films themselves. Eventually, that format died out within a few years and gave way to VHS and Laserdisc. However, during that large format war, there was one other format that never received a proper worldwide consumer release, but produced a rare and sought after piece of the Friday The 13th franchise.

Developed in the late 1970's, the VHD (Video High Density) system was designed to be even more of an interactive system that the Laserdisc and CED concept. However, with the growing market share of the VHS cassette and steady acceptance of Laserdisc, VHD was never released into the North American market. The format existed for European consumers, but more as an education tool than an entertainment medium. However, Japan adopted the video format as a more mainstream way to experience films at home.

Below are images of the Friday The 13th: A New Beginning VHD Japanese home video release. Just like previous Laserdisc film releases, there are two sides and the cartridge has to be flipped over continue watching. 

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