Friday The 13th On CED Home Video Format

Many people may be wondering what a CED home video format is? This writer discovered the home video format four years ago, and was shocked that it was never mentioned in my house while growing up as a child. Here is the stripped down basics, Capacitance Electronic Discs, or CED's, were a consumer video format on grooved vinyl discs that was marketed by RCA in the early 1980's. Basically, movies were released on vinyl records and stored in plastic caddies which were loaded into a player, much like a DVD or Blu-Ray is today. These discs predated Laserdiscs and are said to be better quality.

CED discs ceased production in 1986, but there were five Friday the 13th films produced on the home video format and, of course, that would mean the first five Friday The 13th films can be found on the vinyl discs. Images of those films on CED are below. you will notice Friday The 13th 1980 and Friday The 13th Part 2 have much different artwork and image arrangement either on the front or back of the disc caddie.

For more information, please make sure to visit as it has a tremendous amount of information on the format.