Jason Voorhees Actor To Film Chinese Big Foot Film 'The Yeren'

This writer is a very big fan of actor Douglas Tait and his unique ability to bring some truly terrifying, gentle, and memorable creatures to life in feature films over the years. Of course, Doug played Jason Voorhees for a turn in Freddy vs Jason and has been a great resource for that film by being nice enough to share some great behind the scenes images with this website over the years. Now, Doug is tackling his most ambitious project yet, and Highlight Hollywood sat down with Doug to talk about the his new film, The Yeren.

From Highlight Hollywood

“The film is called ‘The Yeren.;’ The Yeren, or wild man, is a yet undiscovered bipedal hominid reported to reside in the mountainous and forested regions of China. It is the Chinese version of (Bigfoot), and people believe he exists. I will be bringing the Yeren to life,”

“The Chinese are more skeptical than the Americans about things they can’t explain. The (Yeren) has been talked about for years, but they have never made a film on him, nor have they been able to make films depicting supernatural characters in China. That’s why it was such a win for the team to get this film approved to be made,” 

This is a pretty big endevour for a feature film and having the blessing of the Chinese goverment to film in their country is amazing. We know Doug will depict a horrifying creature on-screen, so keep a look out for this film as it develops and we will bring more info on the project to our readers when it is available!

Source: Highlight Hollywood