Read The Sequel Script Written For Platinum Dunes And Paramount

All fans were disappointed when Nick Antosca's script was not chosen by Paramount to be used for the latest Friday The 13th. Eventually, writer Aaron Guzikowski's script was chosen and almost made it to production before the film was pulled from Paramount's release schedule. Nick's script was good and it inspired fellow fan Chris Gehrt to try his hand at writing a Friday The 13th film.

Chris reached out to share his script and tell us why he created it:
To put it bluntly, I wanted my version to be considered. I saw that Paramount and Platinum Dunes had rejected Antosca's script and I wanted badly to throw my hat in the ring. Ive been a true Friday the 13th fan since I was a little kid. I don't have the writing credits or literary representation that Antosca and Guzikowski have, but I do have the knowledge and passion for the franchise. I know what I would want to see in a F13 film, so instead of hoping for it, I wrote it.  
In creating his script, he wanted to make something that was not just a typical teen slasher, but a story that had matured along with the long time fan base.
My favorite installments are parts 2, 3, and 4, which have the human Jason. My goal for the script was to have the creepiness of part 2, the classic moments of part 3, the terror of part 4 and an interesting story like part 6.  Also, being 40 years old, I steered away from the stereotypical "Teenagers being slashed" to a story I thought was more relatable, a family and other adults dealing with with a life threatening situation. 
Of course, we wanted to know if the script was ever considered for a new film. Chris lays out the hard truth that any aspiring writer does not want to hear, but he did get to sit down with Platinum Dunes to discuss
Ultimately it never reached a point of serious consideration. It got great coverage from A-list agencies, but unless you're actually commissioned to write the film from a production company it basically becomes a writing sample.   Brad Fuller at Platinum Dunes was nice enough to sit down with me, he wasn't allowed to talk any Friday the 13th business since it was right after Paramount pulled the plug and things can get tricky with copyright infringement. But he was very supportive, encouraging and an overall great guy. *It was hard to stay focused during the meeting when there was a screen used Hockey mask from the 2009 film hanging on the wall behind him!
Chris is currently working on a sequel to his script right now, which will be finished soon. In the mean time, download his current script and let us know what you think of his ambitious Friday The 13th story.