Read Nick Antosca's Friday The 13th: 3-D Script Now!

The past few weeks have been a heavy downer for Friday The 13th fans with the cancellation of the new film by Paramount Pictures. The script for that film, titled Friday The 13th: Part 13, was written by Aaron Guzikowski and has been talked about by other sites this past week (We opted to not do so with it so close to the film being cancelled). Before Platinum Dunes settled on Aaron's script for production, they had originally opted to film Nick Antosca's script for Friday The 13th: 3-D back in 2015. The script was set in Crystal Lake, New Jersey in August 1988 and took place at Camp Crystal Lake.

Antosca's script would have been a nice throwback to the franchise long time fans remember from the decade of the slasher film. Fans have been asking to read this script since it started floating around the web in late 2015, but we held true to our word that we would not post it until the time was right. That time looks to be now as Nick Antosca actually forwarded a link on his Twitter account today of his full script.

This is bitter sweet news as now fans will have a chance to see what an awesome film this could have been. There is even a bit a mythology thrown into the film to compliment the standard stalk and slash. Click the link below to download and read the script. Let us know what you think of the script after you read it and if it fits what you expect a classic Friday The 13th to be.

Friday The 13th: 3D Script

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